About Rayne

Rayne Beaudoin has been around illustration most of his life. As a young man he enjoyed hanging around his school’s art department, local sign shops, and spending hours re-drawing favorite comic strips.

After attending the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, he bounced around LA as an art director. Working for ad agencies in the days before computers meant rendering endless layouts and storyboards.

In 1983, Rayne moved to NYC for a few years to seek fame and fortune. Instead, he found himself buying vintage art from Illustration House and loitering at the Society of Illustrators on 63rd and Park Avenue.

It was at this time he realized that art direction and design pay the bills, but his brushes wanted more action. So he moved to Seattle in ’85 with a promise to turn up the wrist.

Rayne’s balance between art direction and illustration has continued through the years. While wearing his designer’s hat, he often hires other illustrators because he enjoys working with them. (Communication Arts Illustration Annual and the New York Festival’s World Medal Award are only a few of the many recognitions he’s received while collaborating with other artists.)

Currently, Rayne is doing more illustration than ever. Painting and drawing everyday are a priority after a morning jog with his wife and reading Calvin and Hobbs re-runs.